About me

I am a mom of two teenagers living in Texas. I am originally from Russia. I moved to the USA in 2000.
At first I didn't like Texas very much, but now I think that this is a great state to live in. We have hot summers but warm winters. People are very nice and friendly. We have lots of land and everything is big in Texas! :)

I have BS in Accounting, BA in Management and AS in Nursing. At first I wanted to become a doctor but life turned out differently and I finished up getting business degrees.

I left my full time job in 2008, so I would be able to spend more time with children and be there for them at all their important dates.

Nowadays I work part time as an Accountant and do short term projects - Accounting and Auditing.
I plan to come back working full time when my both kids will be gone to college. Or maybe I will keep working same way I do now and travel more.

We live in a suburban area and I like it. We have a little dog mix of chihuahua/rat terrier and a Russian Blue cat. Here is one of videos of our animals... :)

I am a health freak. I eat healthy, exercise a lot and try to be as close to nature as possible. I don't like to waste things and prefer to reuse and recycle as much as I can.

 I love gardening and try to grow my own vegetables, fruits and herbs. My garden is never perfect, as my mom said it always looks a little wild. I post Youtube videos about my gardening progress here


  1. Great story you got. Will be following your blog!

  2. Following your blog now! You have a very interesting background: business, nursing, accounting! Would be neat to see a picture of your garden one day :)

  3. Awesome story, sounds like you are living the American Dream! :)

  4. I hope I can see the photograph of your garden

  5. I like the focus on health AND wealth. Since ultimately health is the ultimate wealth!