Easy to Grow Plants

Easy to grow and good for your budget Plants

Gardening is one of my passions. It's my distressing therapy and exercise. I love to watch my plants grow, to pick up fresh herbs, vegetables or fruits directly from a plant.

It make our life more beautiful. Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs helps to save money and eat healthier.

I prefer plants, which are easy to grow and maintain but beautiful or produce crops.

We live in Texas, so we are in zone 8-9. My recommendations probably will be good for Texas, Florida and other warm states.

Decorative plants

 1. My biggest favorite - Knock out roses. They grow in any soil and they survive "cold" winter, if we have a freeze. They bloom over and over again and you don't even need to deadhead them.

2. Daylilies will grow in any soil, multiply and come back year after year.
You can easily divide them and move to a different part of your yard.

3. Mums come back every year but you have to deadhead them and sometimes it can be time consuming.

4. Hibiscus. It used to be one of my favorites but after this winter when we had freeze they all died but later come back as a small plant. I like that hibiscuses produce flowers non stop and they grow very fast in any kind of soil. They have different colors and shapes.

5. Jasmine. I love the smell of jasmine and how it can cover your entire fence very quickly.

6. Lantana.
easy to grow perennial. Doesnt need much water. Almost always produce flowers and attract butterflies.

7. Different flowers from seeds. Daisies, marigolds, black eyed susan, etc.
They grow so fast. Usually if you plant one in one year and wait till they produce seeds, you can use these seeds for the next year. They are great for homemade little bouquets.

Edible Plants

1. Citrus trees - Lemons, Tangerines, Grapefruits, Oranges. My biggest favorites among trees. You can actually grow them from a seed. This tangerine tree was grown from a seed. My friend gave me a small plant in the pot 6 years ago, I planted it into the soil and here you see the results. The foliage stay green even during our winter and produce beautiful flowers in spring and fruits in fall.

2. Peach tree. You will have beautiful flowers and then peaches later in spring.

3. Veggies and herbs. My favorites easy to grow in this category are: Tomato, lettuce, radish, parsley, cucumbers, dill, pepper, basil, squash. Pick your favorites because one plant can produce a lot.

4. Crape Myrtle The lilac of the south. Small ornamental tree with beautiful flowers all summer long.

 Saving Tips

I don't know about your state but our Lowes always have a special rack with plants on sale. You can get from 50% to 90% off for plants. Its a good way of trying to grow a new plant and see how you like it. I usually buy all my plants when they go on sale.

For fruit and citrus trees wait until they go on sale. Usually around June. You can get your trees as low as 75% or even 90% off.

 Plants to beware or proceed with caution!

I found the hard way that some plants are very invasive. They are super easy to grow but the problem is they grow out of control and require lots of care.

1. Trumpet vine. It has beautiful flowers and attract hummingbirds but... It's so invasive and if you plant it, it will take lots of your time to manage it. In Texas it grows everywhere. If you get it, it's almost impossible to get rid of it.

2. Elephant Ears - grow fast and invasive

3. Cannas - flowers are  very beautiful and very easy to grow. It will grow in any soil but this plant is very invasive and require lots of clean ups.

Today when I was searching for a plant name I forgot, I found this Flowering Plants for Texas page with beautiful pictures and description of more easy to grow plants.

I will keep updating my favorite or unfavorite plants list.

Please share yours.


  1. Wow, so beautiful flowers. I love gardening too, but I am living in an apartment and no space :(. Hopefully, I can do some sort of planting next year:).


  2. Wow, you must have a great piece of land to produce so many delicious looking fruits. I'm a farm girl myself growing up so I definitely appreciate the garden.

  3. I 've tried to grow leeks in pot . But , before they grow is dead