Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Loyal3 January Purchases and Dividends

I opened my Loyal3 account in October and I keep truck of my posts here.

Last month I received first dividends on my Loyal3 account and it was nice.

This is my fourth month and another $200.00 to invest. 

This month I invested $100 - AAPL, $50 - FTR and $50 - GPS.

January Loyal3 Dividends so far:


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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Project: Dividends Stocks for Teenager - new stock purchased

I wrote in December that my daughter accumulated enough money to invest into another stock.

I created a list of stocks for her to choose from.

Today she finally made her choice.

She picked RY - Royal Bank of Canada. 
Here how she made her choice.
First she already had my list with 26 stocks. 
Then I suggested to look into Canadian banks stocks because it would be good for her portfolio balance.
She said, "Oh, it looks like lots of my friends went to Canada for visit", so I might pick one.
Then she noticed that according to 1 year target price RY shares might go up at least by $10. 

We are going to invest her Christmas money as well, so I will post another update soon. 
She is thinking about WHR - Whirlpool or T-AT&T. Probably WHR because she already has shares of T in her portfolio. But we will see. :)

You can find all posts about this project here.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Yesterday my decluttering project reached $1000.00!

Yesterday my decluttering project reached $1000.00!

I would say we started this project in November. 

I used to donate most of items, but this time I had a problem. I had bunch of big items, which I needed to get rid of. 

So we held a garage sale. Unfortunately people didn't buy big stuff I really wanted to get rid of. Also it rained half of the time, so it was not a very successful garage sale, but it was a start. 

My mom suggested me to keep track of all my sales. It was a really good idea, because it is very stimulating to watch how each little item adds up to a bigger total. 

My next step was posting my big items on craiglist. It actually worked pretty good. We sold most of my son's bikes, old couch, grill and outdoor furniture we didn't use.

Then I discovered www.varagesale.com. This site is like an ongoing garage sale for your items in your area. You log in with your facebook account and find a group close to where you live. Then you post pics and description of items you want to sell. If someone is interested they will contact you. It's very fast, simple and free of charges. I sold some old furniture, household items, outdoor and gardening stuff, kids clothings and sport gears there. Usually I let people do porch pick up or meet somewhere close by.

I used to sell on ebay, so I posted some items there. I only sold one item and it was too much hassles plus all fees. So I am not going to sell on ebay again.

I drop my current magazines at local half price book store.

I bring my clothes, which I don't like anymore to a local consigner store.

If I found hardware items we bought but never used, I try to return for a store credit to Lowes or Home Depot.

I still donate some items to Goodwill. Items, which are still good but I don't want to resell. 

Now I catch myself walking through my house and wondering what is going to be sold next.

We still have a long way to go to get rid of all unnecessary stuff we accumulated through years.

Now days even if I am very careful what we are buying, somehow we still accumulate stuff, which we don't like, outgrow or just don't need anymore. So this is an ongoing project.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post will encourage you to start your own decluttering project. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Project: Dividend Stocks for Teenager December update

I wrote how we started Dividend Stocks portfolio for my daughter and keep track of our progress here.

December was our 5th month on this journey.

Dividends income 2015
September    $49.81
October        $18.75
November    $28.66 + $50 bonus
Total $50.22

Total dividends for 2015: $147.69 + $50.00 bonus

I was planning for her to buy one new stock in December, but she was too busy with finals and holidays. So hopefully we will do it in January. 

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December Passive Income Progress

I didn't purchase any stocks in December except my monthly little contribution to my Loyal3 account. Read about my Loyal3 purchases in December here.

I started tracking my passive income Summer 2014
2014 Passive income
June           $261.00
July            $209.67 
August       $235.62 
September  $212.97
October      $140.37
November  $207.05
December   $377.91

2015 Passive Income

January     $167.44
February    $279.29
March        $397.80
April          $202.48
May           $229.70
June          $368.21
July           $205.56
August       $254.16
September  $494.20
October      $231.18
November  $268.28

Dividends received in December:


My dividend income 2014 vs 2015:
Year to date$1,314.20
Year to date$2,311.66

Additional passive income or free money from different financial institutions:
Interest:                                                          $10.83
Points AMEX                                                  $44.73
Points Discover                                              $34.27 
Various gift cards rewards
KOHL's, JC Penney, 
Palais Royal, Best Buy)                                  $40.00
Spinoff money from DRI                                  $12.46
(it happened in November but I forgot to add it in November)

My total financial passive income for the month of December was $458.46

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in monthly passive income from dividends and other financial institutions. 

So this month I was almost half way to my goal income!

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and progress.