Easy, Healthy and Inexpensive Meals

Easy, Healthy and Inexpensive meals for people who don't like or have almost no time to cook

1. Soups
if you want super healthy - make it from scratch - boil chicken parts for a while, add any spices you want, garlic, onion, carrot, celery. You can drink broth with a toast or add pasta or rice to your broth. or you can add beans or frozen veggies.

2. Baked veggies - use foil to bake in the oven

3. Frozen veggies - steam or stir fry, depends on veggies. You can add them to your broth and viola you have fast and easy vegetable soup. Or mix them with rice or other grain you have. Or you can make an omelette with veggies.

4. Beans - I love to cook beans in slow cooker. I like to mix different types of beans. I usually cook it just with water, spices and salt and sometimes add tomato sauce and pepper.

5. Boiled eggs - just boil a dozen and keep in your fridge for an easy, satisfying and healthy snack or add to your green salad

6. Different grains and pasta - cook when you have time and keep in your fridge

7. Salad - cut greens, tomato, cucumbers, etc

8. Oatmeal cookies - mix oatmeal with banana and bake it

9. Cabbage - it might smell like cabbage :) but it is super good for you plus super inexpensive. chop on small pieces, add a little oil, water, you can add some tomato sauce, spices and cook until it is soft.

10. any kind of smoothies from greens or fruits you have

11. Grilled chicken or fish

12. Omelette or fried eggs

13. fresh veggies for dipping (carrots, celery, tomato, cucumbers, etc).

14. fruit or berries with cottage cheese or yogurt

15. waffle with fruit or berries with yogurt or nutella spread

Please share yours!


  1. Waffle with fruit and berries looks yummy!!!

    I must go and make a pancake... :)

    And yes you can't beat a stir fry for a quick, cheap, healthy meal in my opinion! I love omelettes as well!

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