Feng Shui for Health, Wealth and Happiness

I am a big fan of Feng Shui for years. I arrange my furniture and enhance special areas in my house. I even did not buy some houses, just because they had features which were not good according to feng shui books.

Some people think that feng shui is some voodoo thing. I believe that if it might change your life for better, why not try?

I read lots and lots of books about feng shui. Out of all I found most useful two books: "The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui" by Gill Hale and "The Illustrated encyclopedia of Feng Shui" by Lilian Too.

As in any part of my life I made my simple ways of following feng shui.

In general I try to declutter and clean as much as possible. So it creates positive flow of energy.

I calculated Kua numbers for each member of my family and make sure our beds and desks located in auspicious positions. You can calculate your Kua number here.

I try to avoid "poison arrows". You can easily figure them out. Just make sure there are no sharpy edges pointing to you while you are asleep or toward the entrance to your house. There are different ways to "deactivate" these arrows - with plants, mirrors, windchimes, screens or walls.

I use compass method. I place symbols of good fortune in order to energize areas and help to increase good fortune for all of us.

I created my own list of different symbols and arrange my stuff like decorations, pictures, etc around the house according to feng shui.

Compass directionElementEnhancers
SouthFireReputationlight, fireplace, burn candles, wood, red color, phoenix, horse
NorthWaterwater, black and blue color, aquarium with fish, earth elements, tortoise, painting of water
EastBig Woodplace of sonsbig pieces of wood furniture, trees, green dragon, green color, plants, water elements
WestMetalgold, silver, pot of gold, coins, metal things, cranes
South EastSmall Woodplace of daughterswater elements, plants, green color
South WestBig EarthMother/Marriage and Romance cornerlarge decorative urns and water vessels, pots, crystals (amethyst, quartz), ceramic teapots and vases, bright light, picture of mountain or mare, candles, symbols of love, mandarin ducks, horse, fire, stones, all from the ground, globes, matching pairs, happy couples pictures, metal, wood, peonies, peaches, flowers, hearts. NO water
North EastSmall EarthEducation and Scholarshipsdecorative urns, crystals, ceramic teapots, vase, water, earth, wood, mountains, books
North WestBig MetalMost important corner, place of family breadwinner - Fatherearth or metal elements, gold, silver, coins, mountain, globe, metal wind chime, chinese coins, 3 leg toad, horse, grand chair. NO Fire, NO to much light, NO red, NO water. 

This is a very short on feng shui but if you are interested purchase or borrow a book from a library and start your own journey.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi,
    Nice explanation on each direction and elements. But I thought the direction is different for everybody depending on their birthday. Would you write more about this topic?


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