Sunday, December 14, 2014

My weekly Stock list (12/14)

It looks like my portfolio is shrinking, but as long as I don't sell anything I have hope for future recovery of stocks.

At least one of my "mistake" investments finally moved to a green zone for me.

BBW - Build a Bear Workshop. I bought this stock back in 2008 for $16.00 and then at some point it fell down to $5.00 but I still kept it and finally now it's back to $20s. I hope their after Christmas sales report will be really good. Well, I learned my lesson"why you should not invest into non dividend stocks".  Imagine, if this stock would pay even 1% dividends through all these years and I reinvested it while stock was selling at $5.00 or $7.00?

Last two weeks were kind of identical for me, so I didn't post last week.

I bought more shares of BBL though, apparently not at their best price. 

Here is my list for upcoming week. 

TAT&T, Inc.$32.165.7%$31.74$37.48$35.673.279.84>15 years
WINWindstream Holdings$8.4710.9%$7.18$13.30$10.132.9212.1810 years
VZVerizon Communications$45.584.80%$45.32$53.66$52.984.639.85>15 years
AVPAvon products$9.592.5%$9.32$18.09$12.192.5-0.29>15 years
AUYYamana Gold$3.961.4%$3.45$10.72$6.721.4-2.079 years

My favorite is WIN. I used to own shares but sold them sometimes ago and I miss my nice dividend income from them. :)

My complete Watch List of Dividends Stocks here. I update this watch list at least once a month.

My stock picking strategy here

Please share your thoughts and watch lists.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Passive Income Progress

I started tracking my passive income this summer.

My June passive income was $261.00

My July passive income was $209.67  
My August passive income was 235.62

My September passive income was $212.97
My October passive income was $140.37

It looks like I did not buy or sell any stocks in November.
The month just passed by so quickly with my daughter's 18th birthday and all her college apps.

My mortgage company decided to send me an evaluation for my house market price. It was nice to see that just in a year and half since I bought this house the market price increased by 50K. :)

In November I received dividends:


It was my average dividend month but this month I reached total of $1000 in year to date dividends income! 


I earned an interest of $19.00
$15.54 in points on my Discover card
$  3.81 in points on my Amazon card
$10.00 from my Kroger card
I received $10.00 gift card from Sears, 
               $10.00 gift card from JC Penny
               $10.00 gift card from LL Bean
               $5.00 gift card from Kohls

All these gift cards were perfect for a shopping for my daughter's presents. :) I actually received more gift cards from Kohls but have to give it to my friend because we were travelling and I was not planning to go shopping. So I didn't count these cards. :) 

My total financial passive income for the month of November was $207.05

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in monthly passive income from dividends and other financial institutions.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and progress.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

My weekly Stock list (11/30)

We went to Florida to visit my mom for Thanksgiving break and I took a break from stock market, not completely of course. I still was checking what's going on but very quick glance. 

My muscle boy is showing his muscles... :)
It looks like I didn't purchase any stocks in November, so I hope I can fix it in December to complete this year.

Here is my list for upcoming week:

SEASSeaWorld $16.695.0%$16.16$35.30$21.000.6924.192 years
BBLBHP Billiton plc$47.254.70%$47.20$71.44$ years
BPBP$39.325.80%$39.19$53.48$49.922.9814.13>15 years
AVPAvon products$9.782.5%$9.32$18.09$12.192.5-0.9>15 years
AUYYamana Gold$3.781.4%$3.45$10.72$6.991.4-2.079 years

My favorite is BBL.
I might buy just a small amount of SEAS, AVP or AUY, hoping they will recover soon and then sell them.

My complete Watch List of Dividends Stocks here. I update this watch list at least once a month.

My stock picking strategy here

Please share your thoughts and watch lists.

November Health Progress

I post about my passive income progress every month and I decided to start posting about my way to health progress as well.

So how was our healthy November?

In November I read books about Health:

Kevin Trudeau "Natural Cures "They" don't want you to know about" by Kevin Trudeau.

It was an eye opening book about pharmaceutical and food industries in the USA.
Well, I thought I knew a lot but I guess I did not. 
Thanks to this book I became even more careful about my food shopping and I am still in process of researching more different ways to improve my family health.

"Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth: The Surprising Unbiased Truth about What Treatments Work and Why" By Jonny Bowden

This book describes different natural treatments and healing methods.

After reading this book I totally realized that we were missing Magnesium as a supplement. So I added it to our daily vitamins and supplements.

According to this book Magnesium supposed to relax muscles, especially if you have cramps from exercises, help for a better sleep, better bones, reduce stress and help with overall better cardiovascular health.

Blogs about health I discovered this month:

I enjoy reading this blog where Olivia shares her journey to healing, energy and great health.

This blog is about life of a family with 5 kids. They describe their journey through their travel as well as healthy eating.

I follow this page on facebook and they are posting new interesting information about health every day.

Health Updates this month:

We are back to drinking Noni juice. We used to drink noni juice couple of years ago when my mom subscribed to some multi level noni selling. Back then I read a lot about noni and I liked it a lot, but when we used it through this company, it was expensive and we have to keep ordering more and more. Then I tried some noni in capsules. 
This month I found really inexpensive noni juice first on amazon, but then I discovered another website Vitacost, which sells noni and not only noni but bunch of other vitamins/supplements/herbs, etc. If you follow this link , you supposed to get $10 of your $30 order. 

These are three great books I read about noni before I agreed to drink it... :)

2. I switched to organic meat and actually start reducing our meat consumption even more. 
We do not eat much meat anyway for years. My daughter and I do not eat red meat, we eat mostly chicken and fish but my son likes steak. Last week when he asked me to buy him steak at Kroger, it took us a while to find organic grass fed beef. He cooked it at home and he said he does not like it... :) I said, well, we will try different type but it has to be organic and grass fed, sorry I can't poison you! I lectured his dad about choosing grass fed organic meat next time he will go shopping. My main line was, you don't want to poison your child, right?

3. I try to use microwave less. It's challenging, especially when I need to reheat some leftovers but I use a stove instead.

5 Reasons To Throw Out Your Microwave Oven NOW !!

4. I start using more raw veggies. 
I pre wash celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots and packed in an easy to reach containers. So during week I just arrange it nicely on a plate as a snack.

5. Every time I make smoothy I add one or two leaves of kale and beet top. If I add just one or two kids don't complain. It was a failure at first but then I read somewhere that I just have to use blender a little longer in order make leaves into a very smooth smoothy... :)
I wrote about smoothy here before. 

6. I drink a glass of water every morning when I wake up for a while, but now I try to remember to add lemon.

7. We go to gym every other day but after reading how chlorine is so toxic, I stopped using hot tub and wet sauna and only use dry sauna.

8. I bought more healthy snacks at Whole Food store such as different seeds and dried fruits. 

9. I don't buy all fruits/veggies/berries organic but I soak them in water with vinegar. It supposed to remove bacteria and pesticides.

Thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy month!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can You Guess Her Age? -- Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman's Fountain of Youth

My Weekly Stock List (11/16)

I still did not buy or sell anything this month. 

Here is my list for upcoming week:

TLPProspect Capital Corporation$35.707.4%$34.50$50.00$41.001.7720.1710 years
RDS-ARoyal Dutch Shell$69.384.7%$65.58$83.425.0813.6510 years
ARIApollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc.$16.449.7%$15.62$17.1817.311.679.825 years
BPBP$40.945.70%$39.45$53.48$50.032.9814.13>15 years

I do not buy stocks at their highest prices. I might miss some good stocks but I prefer to sit and wait.If I move stock to this list, it means there was a price drop or current price is somewhere in the middle.
If I have a stock on my list, it means I like something about this stock. If I buy one of these stocks, it does not mean I plan to keep them forever. I might sell them if their price would go up a lot and I feel it's time to sell.

I love Sales on my regular shopping sprays and I use this strategy for my stock shopping... :)

My complete Watch List of Dividends Stocks here. I update this watch list at least once a month.

My stock picking strategy here

Please share your thoughts and watch lists.