Friday, July 19, 2019

Cruising almost for free!

I love cruising and I always try to get a good deal when we purchase cruise.
I heard how some people keep getting super low prices after they cruise for a while and finally it happened to me!
This week I finally got an awesome offer from Carnival.
I could get it even better but by the time I reacted prices went up a little.
I checked my promotional email from Carnival and they offered me $75 per person for 4 days cruise.
Well, when it turned out to be $125 per person, which is still pretty awesome, plus we got $100 room credit.
On top of this earlier this month my AMEX offered me $75 credit if I spend $350 at Carnival, which I did.
I am also going to use my mail for casino promotion, which is $50 toward casino playing.
So here is my math for almost free cruise
$381 - total with taxes for interior room for me and my daughter
+$111 - gratuities
-$100 room credit
-$75 AMEX offer
-$50 casino offer
$267 for two of us or $133 per person! for 4 days of fun and relaxation!

I hope these deals keep coming my way. Plus I should have 100 shares of Carnival next time I am cruising, which will give me a room credit every time I cruise. Here more info

Investment Activity the Week of July 15 2019

Hello Guys,
This week I didn't sell any stocks. I was thinking to sell some of my DEO positions but then changed my mind.
more of CCL - 22 shares. So far I have 73 shares my goal is to get 100, so I can use room credit when I am cruising with Carnival.
more of SPG - 5 shares
BGS - 52 shares
TCO - 38 shares
more of IGT - 38 shares

It will add $335 to my yearly dividend income.

I am getting free trades and this is why I can buy in small lots.

Also this week I used Discover saving account offer - $200 one time if you put $25,000 plus 2.05%
on your invested amount. I like that I still can move money around if I needed and 2% is not so bad while I am looking for another ways to invest.

How was your week?

Next week I will be cruising on my almost free Carnival cruise but I still will try to keep up with stocks whenever I can.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Investment Activity the week of July 8 2019

I have promotional credits for stock fees and most of my transaction fees are free.

16 shares of MCD to reduce my total of MCD in my portfolio
53 shares of RCII to collect that I invested before

100 shares IGT
70 shares PETS
40 shares PEB
52 shares CC
24 shares BMY
30 shares CCL

It will add $402 to my yearly dividend income. 

Happy trading!

I am back to my blog

I was not very active for a loong time... I was studying for my CPA test and I finally passed it!
I still was investing into dividends stocks but not as much as I wanted.
I recently sold my rental property and until I found a better investment I plan to put money into dividends stocks as well. We will see how it will go!
I entered into Fidelity and Etrade promotions for free trading and I plan to trade much more than I used to, especially in last year or so.
I will start updating my blog more often and on regular basis.