Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Project: Dividend Stocks for Teenagers - August dividends and new account

In August I was moving money between accounts (using my son's 529 account to pay for my daughter's school) and I opened a new brokerage account for my 16 y.o. son where I put an amount we withdraw for my daughter's school.

I asked him which stock he wants to buy. I didn't give him a big list but mostly all well knows stocks.

He picked Ford. I bought 185 shares of F(Ford) at $10.61 per share.

We will have another investment next time when my daughter will need money to pay for her college classes.

So I will keep you updated on his account progress as well.

Back to my daughter's account.

I am trying not to touch her brokerage account but this year we were not qualified for FAFSA at all, she didn't get any new scholarships and we used all her 529 college account, so we had to use part of her brother's 529 account. She has one more full semester and summer to pay for. She is working part time as a hostess and since she is living with me, she is saving most of money she earns. I think she will be able to finish college without any loans and even without touching her investment account. This is the goal. So we are not going to invest any money into her account for now because her next payment for college will be due just in 3-4 months.

In July there was only one stock paying dividends LHO $20.8

August Dividends

Total $46.93

Here are dividends month by month:

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts.


  1. Remember: the road to financial independence is very long

  2. That will be an amazing goal to achieve if she will be able to finish college without any loans. Graduating w/o debt will put her well in front of her peers with debt. Keep on teaching your kids and investing in real world portfolios for them. Love these updates. Keep up the good work!