Friday, December 16, 2016

I opened LendingClub account

I am very excited to let you all know that I finally open my LendingClub account.

I decided to put just $100 per month for now and see how it work.

So I picked 4 notes, each $25 dollars.

Note 1 - 5.32%
Note 2 - 10.49%
Note 3 - 10.49%
Note 4 - 17.99%

When I pick my notes I checked
- credit score of borrower
- reason for borrowing
- occupation and ownership/rent
- number of delinquencies

I will keep you posted about my progress.

Thanks for reading and please share your experience with Lending club.


  1. Welcome to the Lending Club club... :)

    I have only about $500 invested so far. Can't decide if I want to add more to it or not. So far, all of my notes are current so it seems to be working as planned.

    I will be curious to hear your thoughts in the future on it! If you like it or not.


    1. Hello Adam, thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear it works for you. I can't wait to start receiving my small income! Best wishes!

  2. Great job! I signed up for Lending Club recently as well and am enjoying it so far (you can see more on my website). Some loans are safe but don't have a great interest rate while others are risky but have a great return. It's all about the risk/reward you are comfortable with.

    1. thanks for stopping by! yes, I am trying to stay on safe side of loans. I will check your page for sure! Good luck!

  3. Great job HHWG! I've been using lending club for several years now and am slowly selling off all of my notes. I got up to over 200 or so for a bit but now am focused elsewhere. Have been very happy with my return though. Take care!

  4. Hope Lending Club works well for you. I've been using it for a couple years now and have been making about 6.5% in interest with it. It has been a great way to diversify.