Friday, November 22, 2019

Investment Activity for the last two weeks 11/11 - 11/22/2019

I did not post my previous week stock purchases, so I will just write one post to cover two weeks.
It was pretty active two weeks for me. I think now when all trades are free, it is much easier to trade more... :)

120 shares of CNP
71 shares of GEO
100 shares of SNH
35 shares of ENBL
30 shares of PAA

It will add $417 to my yearly dividend income.

This week I also bought couple of non dividends stocks on the lowest day.

250 shares of ACB
100 shares of CRON

Sold for taxes - capital loss
10 shares of FTR
7 shares of VAL
6 shares of WINMQ

How was your week?

Thanks for reading!


  1. HH&WG -

    Staying consistent I see. Any reasons for the significant purchases into SNH?


    1. Hi Lanny, SNH was on my list for a while. I am trying to increase my dividends cash flow and varios REITS are way to go.