Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Weekly Stocks list (10/12)

This week I finally bought shares of BBL.

Because there are too many stocks trading at their lowest now, I decided to only post the stocks I am watching to probably add to my portfolio.

Stock Name, descriptionprice as 10/11Yield52 wks low52 wks high1 yr target priceDividends paidmy opinion of holding
FFord Motor Co$13.793.60%$13.52$18.12$18.323 years, >15 potential long term
BCEBCE inc$42.525.20%$40.60$46.70$50.28>15 yearspotential long term
GEGeneral Electric$24.273.60%$24.13$28.09$29.27>15 yearslong term

Most likely I will buy shares of Ford because I already have a small position and I always wanted to increase it, but I will let you know next week.

I do not buy stocks at their highest prices. I might miss some good stocks but I prefer to sit and wait.If I move stock to this list, it means there was a price drop or current price is somewhere in the middle.
If I have a stock on my list, it means I like something about this stock. If I buy one of these stocks, it does not mean I plan to keep them forever. I might sell them if their price would go up a lot and I feel it's time to sell.

I love Sales on my regular shopping sprays and I use this strategy for my stock shopping... :)

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Please share your thoughts and watch lists.


  1. Too many great names too little capital. As dividend income bloggers we are getting what we asked for. Better buying prices and more decent valuations. All this is coming courtesy of a strong U.S. dollar and falling commodity prices. Energy, drillers, miners, everything is falling way down. Nice pick up with BBL. I like GE from your list above. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI DivHut! Thanks for stopping by! yes, you are so right about too many great stocks too little capital! :) I am glad that finally we have something to choose from! Good luck!