Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stock I bought today June 20 2017

Today I bought 27 share of FDP (Fresh Del Monte) at $49.75 per share. This is kind of not very dividend oriented purchase. The stock only earns 1.22% in dividends but I like the company. I am very into healthy eating and buying shares of company which is one of the biggest providers of fruit around the world means a lot to me. Plus this stock is trading close to the 52 weeks lowest.

At this moment on my watch list GIS, KR, T and VZ

Anyone else is thinking to sell some of MCD stocks in near future?

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts.


  1. That's a name you don't really see in any dividend growth portfolio. I can understand your reasoning for wanting to pick up a stock that deals with fresh and healthy over packaged and processed. The dividend does look safe too based on current cash flow. Interesting pick.

  2. Great purchase. Follow your beliefs!
    I sold my MCD a couple of months ago.
    See https://dividendforstarters.blogspot.nl/2017/04/recent-sell-mcd.html for more information :)

    Best wishes! DfS