Sunday, December 6, 2015

November Passive Income Progress

In November I didn't purchase any new stocks except in my Loyal3 account. Read about my purchases here

I started tracking my passive income Summer 2014
2014 Passive income
June           $261.00
July            $209.67 
August       $235.62 
September  $212.97
October      $140.37
November  $207.05
December   $377.91

2015 Passive Income

January     $167.44
February    $279.29
March        $397.80
April          $202.48
May           $229.70
June          $368.21
July           $205.56
August       $254.16
September  $494.20
October      $231.18

Dividends received in November 2015:


My dividend income 2014 vs 2015 so far:
Year to date$1,314.20
Year to date$1,995.49

It looks like my November 2014 dividends were higher, this is due to no dividends from ARCP, lower dividends from NE and I sold PETS.

Additional passive income or free money from different financial institutions:
Interest:                                                          $10.14
Points AMEX                                                  $36.15
Points Discover                                              $4.55  
Various gift cards rewards
KOHL's, JC Penney, 
Palais Royal, Kroger)                                     $55.00
Ebates - Earn Money while your shop online $49.00
when you sign up through my link you will get $10.00 credit

My total financial passive income for the month of November was $268.28

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in monthly passive income from dividends and other financial institutions. 

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and progress.

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