Sunday, August 18, 2019

Investment Activity for the week of August 12 2019

This was my last week of free trading through Etrade. I was busy with my house projects beginning of the week and missed some low price for some stocks days. I usually purchase my stocks Thursday/Friday but I start thinking to move my stock purchases to Monday/Tuesdays and then follow up other days.

I totally forgot that on top of free trades for two months, I was supposed to receive $200 bonus from Etrade. So it was a pleasant surprise. :)

I still have $6k left to invest in my Etrade account, so I will buy more stocks in next couple of weeks.
Good thing that even my free trades are over, Etrade switched me to $4.95 per trade instead of $6.95. Each dollar counts, right? :)

I start thinking that until the end of this year I might only buy stocks and sell some losers to offset some capital gains, because I will have a huge tax bill from the sale of my rental house. I already precalculated this amount before I decided to sell the house. So should be no surprises there. Eventually I plan to write a post why I decided to sell my rental house.

This week I've got a good news about our rental property in Russia - my dad found new renters for a year. Bad news - he sent me his calculations for repairs and maintenance fees and it looks like all income will be covering these fees for a while. It is still good though that it will be repaid with renters payments! We plan to sell this property in a year(straightening up documents right now)  and buy a better condo for my mom here instead. I have to tell you - owning a property overseas is no fun at all.

I was planning to purchase more stocks this week but I started my purchases Thursday and planned to buy more Friday. But on Friday prices started going up, so I didn't purchase anything that day.


 30 shares of TX
15 shares of UFS
35 shares of VET
44 shares of IGT
12 shares of MDP - new position

It will add $202 to my yearly dividend income

I did not sell anything this week.

How was your week?

Thanks for reading!


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  2. I understand your pain on the rental property. I just finally got renters in after a vacancy that includes EXTENSIVE cleaning efforts and replacing carpet with laminate. I'm hoping the new flooring will last significantly longer than carpet.
    Good luck!

    1. glad you finally got new renters!I am thinking to put tile next time we will have to replace the carpet. I finally found good and inexpensive tile guy! Best wishes

    2. My flooring guy said a lot landlords are going to vinyl. Wood look without the risk of water damage. Of course you get the same thing with tile!

    3. probably cheaper than tile too! I might check this out. Thank you!