Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Progress

I started tracking my monthly passive financial inflow just last month.

My June passive income was $261.00

This month I bought shares of DRI, MCD and GSK.

I again received more than $100 in dividends! Total of $122.68
My dividend paying stocks were: WIN, ARCP, PM, NKE, KO, IGT, WFM.

I earned an interest of $32.

I earned $13.83 in points on my Discover card. 

I got $10 gift card from Victoria Secret credit card, $10 from Palais Royal credit card, $15 rewards from Kohls and $10 from JCPenney.

My total financial passive income for the month of July was $209.67

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in passive income from dividends and other financial institutions.

This month's pleasant extra - a free new door! :)

My front door desperately needed repair or replacement. I happened to do bookkeeping for a door company. After long discussions we decided that I need to buy a new door instead of repairs. I decided to  buy one of the doors at the shop ($1200 value) at 50% discount with a labor cost of $275 for me. 
It took me a while to accept this price. 

Well, at the end when I came to my client with a checkbook to pay, I had a very pleasant surprise from him. He charged me only $275 for labor and said that he wants to give me a new door as a bonus for my good job I perform for him. I was very happy. :) 


  1. Hey HHWG,

    Cool story on the door! Question on those gift cards... are they rewards from your credit card or just promotions? Not sure if I would count that as passive income being you are restricted to using it at just those retailers, but if cash was an option instead then that makes sense.

    1. Kipp, I have a teenager daughter, so anything count toward shopping... :) I opened these accounts on purpose, so I can use rewards cards for shopping.

  2. Congrats on the passive income, HHWG. Enjoy your income stream and let it snowball for the future


  3. Congrats on progress towards your $1,000 passive income goal. We also recently picked up shares in MCD. A solid company with int'l exposure and at an attractive price right now. Keep up the great work! AFFJ

    P.S. a free door here and there always helps the investment budget! ��

    1. thanks for stopping by! yes I like MCD now. I am in Russia right now. Sometimes ago I read some news that some Macdonalds were close here but apparently it was not true and they are still here! :)

  4. HHWG,

    I am definitely lovin' the MCD pick! Good work and keep going with your monthly investing.


  5. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income update. Over $100 in dividend income is very good. Like you my first major goal is to achieve $1000/month in dividend income. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next update.

  6. Nice purchases this month especially MCD since it's been beaten down badly in July. Your new door looks fantastic. I wish mine looked that good. I live in an older house and it still has the original door. It's weird cause the doorknob is like over a foot away from the edge of the door where it should be. One day I'll replace it.

    Best of luck,