Friday, September 4, 2015

August Passive Income Progress

I just came back from Florida, helping my mom moving into her new condo, she just purchased. We were too busy packing and moving but of course we still had a chance for a nice walk on the beach.

As I mentioned before I was saving cash to help my mom with a purchase of her condo, but I still was able to purchase 30 shares of BNS in August.

I started tracking my passive income Summer 2014

2014 Passive income
June           $261.00
July            $209.67 
August       $235.62 
September  $212.97
October      $140.37
November  $207.05
December   $377.91

2015 Passive Income

January   $167.44
February  $279.29
March      $397.80
April        $202.48
May          $229.70
June        $368.21
July         $205.56

Dividends received in August 2015:


The amount is almost the same as in August 2014 but some different stocks


My dividend income 2014 vs 2015 so far:
Year to date$1,314.20
Year to date$1,336.25

Additional passive income or free money from different financial institutions:

I earned an interest                                $17.41
points on my Amex card                         $42.11
points on my Discover card                     $3.41

Amazon card                                            $1.82
Kroger card                                              $5.00
JC Penney/Palais Royal                        $30.00 
Ebates - earn $$$ for shopping online   $32.36

My total financial passive income for the month of August was $254.16

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in monthly passive income from dividends and other financial institutions.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and progress.


  1. Love seeing that dividend income roll in especially when I see some common names for the month. Though similar to your 2014 totals just keep buying quality names and you'll really see your year over year grow fast.

    1. Thanks for your nice words DivHut! This year is slow for me but dividends keeps reinvesting on their own, which is always nice! Best wishes to you too!

  2. Hey HHWG,

    Thanks for the update.
    How's your daughters portfolio doing? Suffering from the China declines I take it? How do you explain this to her?

    Hopefully she didn't pull out.. :)

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. Hi Dividend for Starters! Thanks for stopping by.Yes, her portfolio is down but she doesn't check it. I don't think she cares much because she doesn't need this money for another two years plus I promised her even if her portfolio would be down, I will pay for her college this amount anyway... :) Next month some of her holdings will pay dividends, then I will update it here and notify her... :) Best wishes to you too!

  3. HHWG,

    I like how you break down it ALL - credit card points, interest income, spiffs like ebates AND dividend income. Please keep doing this going forward, it provides more insight on the cash flow in your life! Congrats.


    1. Hi Lanny,
      thanks for your nice comment! yes, it's nice to keep truck of all these extras because this way I can see how they all add up! Best wishes to you.

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