Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Investment Activity for the week of July 29 2019

I am a little behind on this one. I was planning to post this last week but got busy.
My investment activities for the week of July 29, 2019.
I had crazy week and purchased all my stocks last Friday. Well, if I waited until Monday I would get better pricing but it's ok.


CCL Carnival Corp. 27 shares - I finally have 100 shares and it means every time I am cruising with Carnival, I will get some room credit - $50 for cruises less than 7 days, $100 for 7 days and probably more for longer cruises. I didn't care about longer cruises yet because we don't go to longer cruises yet.

CC 20 shares

ARR 50 shares

VET 60 shares

TLRD 100 shares

This will give me $403 in yearly dividend income 

Sold: none.
I am planning to sell some losers to offset earnings and then rebuy them back later.

I am working on my watch list for current week but still work in progress.

Thanks for reading

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