Thursday, August 1, 2019

July 2019 Dividends and Passive Income Progress

Hello guys,

It was pretty good month for me. Since I sold my rental property in June, I am still trying to decide if I would buy another rental/flip house or just slowly invest all my money into various dividends stocks.
Eventually I plan to turn my current house into a rental property and buy another one to live in, but time will show. We still have one rental house, which used to be my husband's house and I am the one, who manages this house. Plus we still have an apartment overseas, which my dad is trying to rent out while I am in process of all paperwork for sale one day... It's just a long and messy process...

I feel kind of tired of real estate activities and renters, so I might stick with more stocks and stock trading for now. My goal is to earn at least $1000 per month from trading, which would be equal to that my rental income used to be. Additionally I am investing into more dividends stock right now, so it will help me to reach my initial goal of $1000 per month from passive income (dividends+interest).

Right now I am working part time and loving it, but I am thinking to go back to work full time. Mostly I plan to go work full time in order to help my mom because she doesn't have much income. My hope is that she will find some kind of job or settle down with some man and at least can share some expenses with him. Overwise I will have to start helping her pretty soon, since she is just spending money she earned before and not being very wise about that...

My total passive earnings for July $707.59, which include dividends income $361.18 and my bonus from opening Discover interest account and interest from Discover and Fidelity $346.41

My dividends paying stocks for this months were: BNS, BCE, CHSP, CMCSM, DIS, GE, GPS, GSK, HRB, KO, KMB, M, MO, NEA, NKE, O, PM, STOR, TUP, UNIT, VER

Here is my progress since 2014

Year to date
Year to date
Year to date
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Year to date

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and progress.

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