Monday, August 26, 2019

Investment Activity for the week of August 19 2019

This week I finished to invest all available money I had in etrade account and I began to use my promotions for free trades for Fidelity. Since I sold one of my rental properties and I am not sure if I want to buy another one (unless I find some awesome deal I really want to have, which I doubt), I am slowly reinvesting into dividends stocks.

Right now when I am driving, I am listening to the audio book "The Warren Buffet Way: Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor" by Robert Hagstrom and this book is very inspiring. It feel like a confirming message for me that I am on a right path. Even with all market ups and down, I feel really excited being able to add more positions to my portfolio. But next year I am planning to follow Phil Town's strategy on sales, when you buy and eventually sell, when you reach certain profit amount. Although I only want to purchase dividends stocks, so even if my stock is down, I still earn my passive income. I really want to attend Phil Town "Rule#1" seminar in Georgia, but with all logistics (tickets, rental car and hotel), it's just too complicated for now.

This week my son and I both got $50 each into our Discover credit card account. I referred him and he was approved for his first own credit card. Next step is to set up automatic full payment every month from his bank account. I am teaching him that he can use his credit card, but have to pay off every month. Some kids just have no clue about interest. I was talking to a girl, who is a frond desk help at one of my accounting clients and I had to explain to her how much her Luis Vuitton purse actually costs her with all interest she is paying right now. Hopefully I inspired her and she will try to pay off her card as fast as she can. Oh well, if to would be my daughter... We would have a huge drama if she would max out her credit card for Luis Vuitton purse and then I would force her to return it... :) We already had a talk about Luis Vuitton purse before. Although she had cash to buy it. She is mostly very frugal but sometimes peer pressure could be dangerous! I can be a mean mom some days, but it's always for their best interests.

Back to stock market. I actually purchased lots of new positions this week.


19 shares of LYB - new position 
33 shares of OXY - new position
38 shares of IP - new position
38 shares of HP - new position
25 shares of RDS-B - new position
25 shares of WBA - new position
23 shares of HOG - add up to existing
34 shares of M - add up to existing

It will add $478 to my yearly dividend income.

I did not sell anything this week.

How was your week?

Thanks for reading!


  1. HH&WG -

    WOW... that's some serious investment activity. Want to include how much dividend income you added going forward from this activity? I know as a reader, that would be "fun" to see!


    1. Hi Lanny, good idea to include dividend income, I will update my posts. :) Best wishes.

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