Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June Progress

June was a busy month. Kids were out of school for summer.
I discontinued working on one of my projects, so it decreased my cash inflow. I wrote why I did it here.

I did not buy as many stocks as I planned. I added a new stock to my portfolio - PG. I increased number of shares of ARCP.

I did not sell any of my non dividends stocks.

Since I just started seriously investing into dividends stocks only recently, it was my first month when I received more than $100 in dividends. $126.98, almost $127. It's progress for me. :)
My dividend paying stocks were: FTR, ARCP, RYN, PEP, UN, WU, MAT, EXPE, CNP.

This month I've got a $50 bonus from Sharebuilder for putting 5k into Roth IRA in the beginning of the year.

I earned an interest of $28.

I earned $56 in points on my Discover card. I use credit cards to pay for all purchases and some bills in order to get points. I pay my balance in full every month. I got $100 Lowes card for my previous points on my Discover card (I paid $90 in points). I use this card toward my gardening projects. I count new points balance toward my passive income because it is free money.

So my total financial passive income for the month of June $261

At this moment my goal is to have $1k in passive income from dividends and other financial institutions.


  1. Hi HHWG,

    Looks like you are in great shape!
    There will always be somebody who earns more dividend than you.. however, please bear in mind.. I received a whopping $17 in dividend this month, so you are way ahead of me!

    Keep up the good work. Best wishes.


  2. Hello Dividend for Starters! Thanks for stopping by. It's better to increase slowly than do nothing, right? I am really excited about dividends stocks.

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